This is the transcribed will of William Buckner, yeoman of St Sepulcher, London, 1653 (UK Public Record Office Catalogue Ref: Prob/11/233 Image Ref: 933 - PCC 21 Alchin)

This William Buckner was the son of Lawrence Buckner and brother of John Buckner, who both also left wills, making this one of the best known families of Buckners in 17th century London. The will has been previously abstracted in The Virginia magazine of history and biography, Volume 27, p. 296, but the complete will has a lot of interesting extra details, particularly concerning the precariousness of William's finances and his apparent distrust of his wife and stepson.

Date of will: 30 Dec 1653

Date of probate: 18 Dec 1654

People listed in the will:

In the Name of God Amen
I William Buckner of the Parish of Saint Sepulcher London
yeoman being att this present weake and ill of body but of sounde and
Competent minde and memorie (blessed be God) doe make and ordaine
this my last will and Testament as followeth (videlicet) First I Com
mend my Soule to God my Creatour hopeing through the merritts of
Jesus Christ my Redeemer to have pardon of all my sinns and to
be eternally saved my bodie I Committ to the Earth to be buried att
the discretion of my loveing brother Master John Buckner of the Parish
aforesaid Inholder whome I make and appointe full and sole Executor
of this my last Will and Testament And of my worldly goods and estate
I dispose as is hereafter expressed (That is to say) I give and bequeath
to Elizabeth my wife forty poundes of lawfull money of England to be
paid unto her all the ende of one yeare next after my decease if she shall
be then liveing under the Conditions hereafter mentioned And also I
give to hir my said Wife my Cowe and all my household stuffe in my
house in Kentish Towne in the Countie of Middlesex and the said
houserent Free during the said yeares if she live soo long Item I give
to William Buckner tenne poundes of like lawfull money to be paid
unto him att his age of one and twenty yeares if he shall soo long live
Item I give to my other six Children Mary, Elizabeth, Barnard, Frances
Lawrence and Anne Buckner twenty poundes a peece of like money
to be paid unto them severally att theire severall ages of one and
Twenty yeares or to my said Daughters att theire dayes of marriage
first hapning And if anie of my said seaven Children shall happen
to die before his or hir Legacie or Legacies of him hir or them so deceasing
shall equally be and remaine to the Survivours of Survivour of them
and to be paid as aforesaid Provided neverthelesse that it shall be
lawfull for my said Executor to lay out and disburse all or anie of
the said Legacies or anie parte thereof sooner then then the saide
times of payments for or towards the bringing upp or placeing forth
them my said Children or anie of them according as he my Executor
in his discretion shall thinke fitt And whereas my Estate is out in
debts and owing unto me by severall persons my will and appoyntmennt
is That if anie of my Estate or monies owing unto me shall miscarry
and be lost that then the said losses shall be proportionally abated out
of all the said Legacies given to my said Wife and Children according
to the quantity of hir his and theire said Legacies and the same 
losses to be in such proportionable manner borne by every of them
Item I give to John my Wifes sonne only one shilling in full of all
he can or may clayme out of my Estate And I wholy leave him
the said John and my youngest Daughter Anne Buckner to the Care

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and Charge of my Wife for hir to maintaine and bring upp att
hir owne Cost And if it so be that she my said Wife shall refuse so to doe
and to give hir bond to my said Executor for performance thereof then
my will and minde is that he my Executor shall detanne and keepe
in his handes the said fortie poundes so given to my Wife and to imploy
and dispose of the same towards the bringing upp and placeing forth
of the said Anne and my other Children as he shall see comle And
I give to him my said brother and Executor and to my Sister his Wife
Tenne shillings a peece  to bye them gloves And to my loveing Cousin
Master Innocentius Harris and Master Barnard Harte and theire
Wives and to my Cousin Captaine Thomas Buckner and his Wife
and to me good Freind Master Anthonie Bonner five shillings a peece
likewise for gloves Item I give to my said Brothers servants John Henley
Edward Jones Winifred his Wife John Chew Thomas Cooke and Tho
mas Hudson two shillings six pence also to bye them gloves And if
my Estate shall amounte unto anie more then what I have herein bequea
thed I leave and Committ the same to my said Executor to imploy
for and aboute the bringing upp or preferment of my Children as he
shall thinke fitt And I also appointe and allowe him my Executor
use of my Estate to pay all such debts as I shall owe att my decease
and to discharge my buriall and proveing of my Will and to satisfy
all other Charges as he shall lay out aboute the getting of my Estate
and all other Charges which he shall disburse or be putt unto for or by
reason of this his Executorshipp In witnesse whereof I the said Willia~
Buckner have to this my last Will and Testament sett my hand
and seale The thirtieth Day of December in the yeare of our Lord
One Thousand Six hundred fifty three William Buckner Signed sealed
and published on the Day of the date in the presence of George
Dodson Michaell Hunt Hen: Travers Scrv' in Smithfield

This Willwas probated att Westminster
the Eighteenth Day of December in the yeare of our Lord God
One thousand Six hundred fifty and fower before the Judges for
probate of Wills and granting Administrations lawfully authori
zed by the oath of John Buckner the brother and sole Executor
named in the above written Will to whome Administration of
all and singular the goods Chattells and debts of the said deceased
was Committed he being first legally sworne truly and faythfully
to administer the same.