Brief abstracts of Buckner-related Wills

Will of Robert Huckvale of St. Mary Magdalene Parish, Oxford, 1556, Archd. Court of Oxford Wills, ORO Ref. 181.37

22 April 1553
Elynore, deceased wife
Christopher Huckvale, son and heir
William Bucknour of Cumnor in Berks., son (in law) & executor
Dorothie Bucknour of Cumnor in Berks., daughter & executrix
Margaret Demes(?), servant, legatee
Richard Carrick of Chipping Norton, brother (in law), debtor, legatee wife's brother
Thomas Carycke of Tewkesbury(?), legatee, probably younger relative
Extensive, complex legacies to poor of his parish, complex year-mind legacy.
Property in Oxford and Gloucester. 
Mr. Bryttlbanke, witness
William Lannder(?), witness
Thomas Dugdale (?), witness
Abbot Smyth, witness

Codicil dated Mar. 1556:
James Dodwell, witness
John Tolder(?), witness
Wyl(?) Hedyll, witness
Robert Jackson, witness
John Bucknore, son of dau. Dorothie, legatee, overseer (John Buckner of Botley?)
John Huckvale, son of son Christopher, legatee, overseer
prob. 26 Aug 1556

This Robert Huckvale, father of Dorothy Buckner who married William Buckner of Botley. The will shows that his wife was named Elenor Carrick, and she died before 1553. The codicil suggests to me that John Buckner (grandson) probably came of age between 1553 and 1556, so he was probably born in early-mid 1530s.

Will of Francis Barry of Thame, Oxon., PRO Prob 11/103

9 Mar 1603/4
Frances Barry, wife
two unnamed minor sons
one unnamed minor daughter
Vincent Barry of Hampton Gay (also Hampton Gate), brother, supervisor
Thomas Collett, cousin
Robert Rufin (and wife), cousin
Frances Rufin, cousin
Edward, man
Joan, servant
Henry Rathbone of Brize Norton, Oxon., gent., friend, executor
Edward Standard of Whitehill in the par. of Tackley, Oxon., friend, executor
Richard Chibnall of Long Crendon, Bucks., yeoman
Sir Herbert Crofte of Herefordshire, knight, brother in law, supervisor
Richard Bowcher, witness
Thomas Ballowe, witness
Richard Pynnock, witness
John Bennett, court official
Thomas Ward, notary public
prob 2 May 1604

Francis Barry was the son of Lawrence Barry and Joan Buckner (dau. of Richard Buckner of Whitley, Cumnor Parish, Berks.) As a prominent armigerous family, the Barrys appear in the 1634 heralds visitation of Oxford, which reveals that two of the children in the will were named Vincent and Elizabeth.

Will of Barnard (Barnerd or Barnett) Turney of Hollingden , parish of Solebury, Bucks. (Centre for Buckinghamshire Studies DAWf/19/261)

25 Nov 1611 ("16ii") 
Thomas Turney, son, executor, residuary legatee
Innocent Turney, son
Barnett (Barnard) Turney, son
John turney, son
Joan, daughter
Alice ("Alce"), daughter
children's children
poor of parish
Barnett Webbe
Elizabeth, wife, executor, residuary legatee
John Cripps, scriptor, witness
Thomas Turney, witness
Sir William Smithe, court official
prob 13 Nov 1612

(full inventory given)
Inventory £145/8/4
Robert Hull
Barnard Collyns
Giles Grome
William Rogers
John Cripps

Barnard Turney's daughter Alice is generally thought to have been the wife of Lawrence Buckner. I've never seen direct proof of that, but circumstantial evidence seems to support it.

Will of Thomas Adams, Stationer of London, PRO Prob 11/135

2 Mar 1619
Elizabeth Adams, wife, executor, resid. legatee for life
Elizabeth Adams, daughter
Mary, daughter
Anne, daughter (not yet 21)
Dr. Watkins, brother in law
George Birch
Thomas Birch
Andrew Birch
George Adams, brother
Thomas F[l?]emming, godson
Symon Burton
Sarah Constable, goddaughter
Thomas Aspley, godson
Margaret, maidservant
Mr. Dr. Day
Mr. Dr. Peirce & wife
Mr. Dr. Watkins & wife
Mr. Wickham & wife
Christopher Stanley & wife
Thomas Mountford
William Aspley? & wife (probably a noted printer and former apprentice of Adams' master, George Bishop - see the ODNB entry - Aspley was one of Shakespeare's publishers)
lands in N&S Shoebury recently purchased of Gyles Browne, gent.
Sir Richard Kettleby, sold TA land
William Leake, overseer
George Simchone?, overseer
Henry Watkins, witness
William Aspley?
Thomas Muntfort, witness
Andrew Hebb, servant, witness
probate 4 May 1620

Thomas Adams' daughter Mary married John Buckner of London and had by him at least one son named Thomas. This is known from a 1650 deed for the Shoebury, Essex properties mentioned in the will, at which time Mary was deceased. A similar land record dated 1659 shows that her sister Elizabeth married Edward Bosdon (or Bosden) of Foxton, Cambridgeshire, esquire. Bosden and Elizabeth sued William Mongre, Anne Mongre his wife, Sir Thomas Fanshaw kt, John Buckner and Frere Durden in 1639 (TNA C 8/49/83), so the other sister Anne may have married Mongre. Adams was also noted enough in the early printing business that he has a wikipedia entry.. It should be noted that William Aspley (above) was later essentially a colleague of Thomas Buckner, DD, in their capacity as publication licensers. This might suggest that John Buckner of London was Thomas' brother, John Buckner Jr., (both sons of John Buckner of Abingdon, the elder) though the leading alternative theory is that he was instead the eldest son of Thomas Buckner, a mercer of London. See comments on Humfrey Cantrell's will for more on this confused situation involving (at least) three different John Buckners.

Will of Humfrey Cantrell of Woodley, Sonning Parish, Berks, Gent., PRO prob 11/158

25 Feb 1629/30
Payne Cantrell , eldest son, & any children
Humfrey Cantrell, son, & any children
Thomas Cantrell, son
Edward Cantrell, son, & any children
Nicholas Cantrell, son
Humfrey Cantrell, son of Nicholas and godson
unnamed Yateman, daughter, and her child if any
William Cantrell, son, residuary legatee and executor
Robert Lord Bishop of Bristol, friend, overseer
Anthony Blagrave of Dunnish? in Par. of Sonning, Berks, Gent., friend, overseer
Andrew Milward, witness
William Newberry, witness
Henry Martin, court official
Prob. 29 Sep 1630

Humfrey Cantrell's daughter Mary married John Buckner of Abingdon. The full marriage record reads: John Buckner of Abbingdon in the Comit of Berkes gentleman and Marie Cautrell ye daughter of Humphrie Cautrell in Suninge in comitat predict gentl were maried ye 27 of Noueber [1620] p facult license

("Cautrell" seems to be a misreading.) This is found in the register of the parish of St. Christopher le Stocks in London. Because John Buckner, son of Thomas Buckner the Mercer, appears to have lived in that parish around the same time, it is usually assumed that this is him. I agreed with that, until I saw the full record. This John Buckner clearly lived in Abdingdon, which is undoubtedly the reason why they needed a license. John Buckner, Thomas' son, was christened in St. Mary Colechurch, London, and his father was regularly mentioned in the vestry minutes of St. Christophers from 1617 to 1630. It is extremely difficult to fathom why he would have had to get a license to marry in his father's parish or why he would have been referred to as "of Abingdon." There was in fact a John Buckner who lived in Abingdon at least as late as 1609 (along with Edward Buckner, probably his brother), so I think it's clear that this is not Thomas the Mercer's son in the marriage record. More likely, it seems to me, is that John Buckner the mercer's son married Mary Adams, daughter of a noted London stationer, Thomas Adams (see above). The mystery is why John of Abingdon wanted to get married in this particular parish. The reason might be related to Thomas Buckner's residence there - they were undoubtedly related not too many generations back.

Of John Buckner of Abingdon, I know little. He purchased two houses in Abingdon in 1599, attempted to purchase the manor of Barton in 1587, and was involved in a lawsuit in 1609. He was probably the son of Thomas Buckner of Whitley, Berks., Sr. and had 5 children who were alive in 1643, Thomas (DD), John, and William, Mary and Elizabeth. There are 4 known Buckner christenings from St. Helen's, Abingdon: Jane (1597), Elizabeth (1604), (son) Francis (1607), and Martha (1611), all children of John. However, I think that the John Buckner of Abingdon who married Marie Cantrell may have been the son rather than the father, who had to have been at least in his mid fifties in 1620. There is also a christening of a Thomas Buckner, son of John, in Sonning, Berks. from 1623, which is probably an instance of a well known phenomenon in which the family's first child was born at the mother's parents' house.

Another good possibility is that this "John Buckner of Abingdon" was yet another one of the many John Buckners running around at the time, specifically John Bucknor (1595-ca. 1660) son of Thomas Buckner Jr. of Whitley, Berks., who subsequently moved to Dromore, Ireland. He was the nephew of the elder John Buckner of Abingdon. John Bucknor of Dromore married a widow in 1633 and at least one and perhaps two of his sons were probably born before that marriage, so I think he was a widower himself. Of the two first sons, the more certain one was Capt. Thomas Bucknor. Capt. Thomas Bucknor was sometimes associated with one Humfrey Buckner, and from this association I've long suspected but been unable to prove that he was also a son of John Bucknor of Dromore. If this is the case, the fact that he's named Humfrey strongly associates him with John Buckner + Mary Cantrell, which fits well with the idea that John of Dromore had been married previously. However, since John of Dromore and John the son of John Buckner of Abingdon were first cousins, it's also not hard to see Capt. Thomas Bucknor and Humfrey Bucknor as being two first cousins who did business together. In any case, I think we can be reasonably sure about two things from this: (1) Humfrey Buckner was the son of John Buckner of Abingdon and Mary Cantrell & (2) this John Buckner of Abingdon was one of these three John Buckners, John Buckner of Abingdon Sr (b ca 1565), his son John (about whom almost nothing is known other than that he was alive in 1643 and had a son named Thomas), or John Bucknor of Dromore (1595-ca 1660), who was their nephew and first cousin, respectively.

Will of Sir Thomas Holt, Knt., PRO Prob 11/384

19 Aug 1685
wife (unnamed)
Rowland Holt, younger son (some doubt of his financial probity is expressed)
John Holt Esq., eldest son, main heir, residuary heir, executor 
Sir John Cropley, Baronet, deceased father of John Holt's wife
Susanna Maria Leman, granddaughter
Thomas Levitt, grandson
Edward Leman, son in law, father of Susanna Maria
Francis Levitt, son in law, father of Thomas
William Richards, witness
John Blabe, witness
Sargeant Hughes, witness
Thomas Pinfold, court official
Richard Raines, court official
probate 9 Aug 1686

Sir Thomas Holt was the son of Mary Buckner, daughter of Thomas Buckner the Mercer. I had hoped the Buckners would be mentioned in his will, but no such luck. Mary died when he was fairly young, so he might not have known her family well. The son John Holt Esq. mentioned here went on to be Sir John Holt, Lord Chief Justice of England and Wales.