This is the transcribed will of Richard Bockner (Buckner) of Combe, Oxfordshire, England, 1624 (Oxfordshire Record Office 198.7, 5/2/44)

There's not much new in this if you've already seen the will of Richard's father, Nicholas Buckner, except the Abstons and "Kester Bockner". My best guess is that that's Christopher Buckner. It does show that Walter Buckner and his mother Joan were both alive in 1624 and Joan was alive in 1628. From other records, it would appear that Walter survived Richard by many years. You might note that the spelling is a bit different. Whoever wrote it wasn't current with the spelling conventions of the day, often using 'o' for 'u', but some of the other spellings are surprisingly modern.

Richard's mark is also a little different from the usual cross - it seems to be a triangle with downwards point, perhaps a shield. There are several lines struck out at the end. It appears that Joan Buckner tried to witness the will, but I suspect that someone pointed out that the executor can't be one of the required witnesses. The stricken mark looks interesting, like it might have been three vertical lines, but it's unclear.

I've tried to preserve the line arrangement so anyone who wants can compare this to the original image. I don't claim perfection, and there are some things that can be interpreted different ways. The notation {ER} and such indicates a superscript abbreviation. These are common in period documents, though sometimes they can be a little idiosyncratic. I also tend to use modern u/v and i/j , but keep in mind that these were essentially the same letters during this period, so "verily" is really indistinguishable from "uerily" and "Jesus" from "Iesvs", though I do use the terminal j when it appears in the MS, especially in numerals where it is often essential for clarity.

Date of will: 11 June 1624

Probate: 16 July 1628

People named in the will:

In the name of god amen I Richard bockner of longe
combe in the countie of oxford husbanman dothe beinge sicke in 
bodie bot in perfet minde and memorie thankes be to god for it
I doe make this my last will and testament first I geve and 
bequethe my soule unto allmitie god and my bodie to be beried
in combe church yearde  I geve unto the mother church in oxford ijd
Ite~ I doe apoynt and geve foll atorritie unto walter bockner
my brother to selle or set such Dedes or Ritinges that be assined
unto me from Jone Dilie and wothers and the said walter bockner
or his assigns
to Deliver such monies as he the said water Dothe Reseve
unto Elzabeth abstin and ane abstin Dafters to sislie abstin
after the Deathe of the said sisellie abstin and the said water
bockner to In plie this monie to the best youse for them and
for their bringinge up Ite~ my will is that my mother shall
Reseave and take such monie that is Due unto me for kepinge
of the peasen in feldes Ite~ my will is that my brother water
shall have xxs vid that is due unto me from william boten
my will is that my mother shall be my executor and to
have all the Rest of my goodes or monie that is Due unto 
me in witnes heare of I have heare unto set to my hand
the xj daie of June 1624 Ite~ I doe apoynt kester
bockner overseer to this my will that all thinges maie be
done ackordinge to the true meaninge

                 \    /              Jone Bockner [a mark] [???] 
  Richard bockner \  /  his marke
                   \/               [line struck out]

 witnes to this will                [line struck out]
 williame -+-  odbe
           |                        Robert newman

 Robert newman

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Probatum Coram venli viro hugone Barker legum
dcori~ Reverend ?ju xpi pir Dni~ Dm~  ??? diri  
na Oriden Oxon ? vicaris in punlibas genli sive
Comisserio et Offo fuit et ince constitut apd Oxon
Decimo sexto die Julij Anno Dni 1628o Comissa adne
Joanne Buckner vidue mri~ nali~ dci~ defunct ac
Excis[?] in huio tmto noiat at consitut prorimatur? tam de
Veritate tmti prdat eoq~ bene ac fidelr