Patrick [Mc]BUCKNER and Some of His Descendants

This family constitutes one of what I estimate to be a half-dozen major Buckner lineages in Kentucky. Little is known about Patrick BUCKNER's forebears, though there are possible connections to Campbell, Halifax, and Scott Cos. in Virginia, and his father may have borne the same name. No good connections with the lineage treated in William Crozier's Buckners of Virginia (perhaps the largest and best-known in KY) have been found, and several lines of evidence suggest that his parents were immigrants to America. Individuals known or believed to rest in the Bethel Cemetery in Kentucky are noted with a 'B' in the far left column. As always, these are accurate to the best of my knowledge, but errors and misinterpretations are entirely possible. Sources and more detailed information are listed in the original database. For brevity, places will be denoted by the following abbreviations: cK - Carter Co., KY; gK - Greenup Co., KY; lK - Lawrence Co., KY; rK - Rowan Co., KY; sV - Scott Co., VA; and of course standard postal abbreviations for states.

1 Patrick "Mack" BUCKNER b. ca. 1789, TN d. 4 Nov 1873, VA
.                                    m. Elizabeth GILLUM
                                        b. ca. 1791, VA 
.  2 Sally BUCKNER b. 1811 (sV) d. 1885 m. Thomas WILLIAMS 
.  .  3 Nancy WILLIAMS 
.  .  3 Andrew J. WILLIAMS 
.  .  3 Mary WILLIAMS 
.  .  3 Juliann WILLIAMS 
.  .  3 Minerva J. WILLIAMS 
.  .  3 Jeremiah WILLIAMS 
.  .  3 Lewis P. WILLIAMS 
.  2 Overton M. BUCKNER b. 9 Nov 1812 (sV) d. 23 Apr 1893, Bulger, Ark.
B        m. 1832 (lK) Elizabeth FULTZ b. 1813, VA d. 21 Jan 1875 
         m. 26 Jul 1879 (sV) Jency LANE b. ca. 1829 
         m. 4 Sep 1891 Mary A. NICHOLS 
.  .  3 James BUCKNER b. 1834 d. 27 May 1864, GA
            m. 19 Mar 1854 (cK) Mary Jane BOND b. 15 Jul 1836 d. 6 Feb 1906 
.  .  .  4 Nancy Elizabeth BUCKNER b. 31 Mar 1855 (cK) d. Jun 1938 
               m. 7 Dec 1871 Lafayette TABOR (cK)
.  .  .  4 Mary Miller BUCKNER b. 24 Apr 1857 (cK) d. 12 Mar 1925 
               m. William Jason ERWIN 
.  .  .  4 Martha Ann BUCKNER b. 12 Oct 1859 
               m. 13 Aug 1876 (cK) Thomas RHODEN 
.  .  .  4 (F) James Sarah Alice BUCKNER b. 23 Oct 1861 (cK) d. 22 Nov 1930 
               m. 7 May 1880 (cK) Amos D. GRAY 
.  .  3 Martha BUCKNER b. ca. 1836 
B  .  3 William BUCKNER b. 24 Dec 1836 d. 13 Sep 1884        
B           m. 9 Apr 1856 Eliza Jane KITCHEN                 
B  .  .  4 John W. BUCKNER b. 22 Jun 1858 d. 22 Feb 1930    
B              m. cir 1885 Rebecca E. b. May 1856 d. 1941 
B  .  .  .  5 Wiley BUCKNER b. 1897 d. 1955
.  .  .  4 Leah BUCKNER b. 1860 d. 1885                     
B  .  3 John W(esley?) BUCKNER b. ca. 1840
.  .  3 Mary BUCKNER b. ca. 1841 
.  .  3 Sarah BUCKNER b. ca. 1842 
.  .  3 Emanuel BUCKNER b. ca. 1845 m. Rebecca LAWHORN/LAWHUN
.  .  .  4 William BUCKNER b. ca. 1881 
               m. 13 Sep 1908 Sarah May STRALEY b. ca. 1893 
.  .  .  4 Francis Scott BUCKNER m. 10 Sep 1891 Mazilpha WILLIAMS 
                                      b. 1870 d. 1943 
.  .  3 Harrison BUCKNER b. 22 Oct 1845 (cK) m. 22 Feb 1866 Martha C. REMY d. 23 Aug 1920 
.  .  .  4 Geneva A. BUCKNER 
.  .  .  4 Rachel E. BUCKNER 
.  .  .  4 Mary C. BUCKNER 
.  .  .  4 Martha E. BUCKNER 
.  .  .  4 John W. BUCKNER 
.  .  .  4 Ava R. BUCKNER 
.  .  .  4 Louisa B. BUCKNER 
.  .  .  4 Jeanette M. BUCKNER 
.  .  .  4 James O. BUCKNER 
.  .  3 Cornelius BUCKNER b. 23 Oct 1848 
            m. 21 Nov 1872 Mary Polly LAWSON 
               b. 14 Apr 1850 d. 31 Oct 1923 
.  .  .  4 Martha BUCKNER b. ca. 1874 
.  .  .  4 B? BUCKNER b. ca. 1876 
.  .  .  4 Ulysses S. BUCKNER b. ca. 1878 
.  .  .  4 Thomas M. BUCKNER b. ca. 1879 
.  .  .  4 B.H. BUCKNER b. 1889 d. 1963 m. Lizzie b. 1897 d. 1971 
.  .  3 Overton W. BUCKNER b. Sep 1850 d. 27 Oct 1929, KY m. 8 Oct 1868 Mary E. EVANS b. May 1850
.  .  .  4 Angeline BUCKNER b. 31 Dec 1878, KY 
.  .  .  4 Mary U. BUCKNER b. Feb 1883, KY 
.  .  .  4 Thomas BUCKNER b. Mar 1885, KY 
.  .  .  4 Hattie F. BUCKNER b. Oct 1889, KY 
.  .  3 Andrew Lafayette BUCKNER b. 4 Oct 1852 
.  .  3 Barnabas K. BUCKNER b. 11 Oct 1855
.  .  3 Elizabeth BUCKNER 
.  2 George BUCKNER d. aft 1843 m. Mar 1839 (cK) Millie PRUITT 
.  .  3 Lucinda J. BUCKNER b. ca. 1842 m. 15 Dec 1857 John S.M. KIMBLER b. ca. 1834 
.  .  .  4 Mary E. KIMBLER b. ca. 1859 
.  .  .  4 John M. KIMBLER b. ca. 1864 m. 20 Dec 1881 Nancy S. FIELDS 
.  .  .  4 James J. KIMBLER b. ca. 1866 
.  .  .  4 Robert L. KIMBLER b. ca. 1872 
.  .  .  4 Archelus C. KIMBLER b. ca. 1874 
.  .  .  4 Mely L. KIMBLER b. ca. 1877 
.  .  .  4 Clint W. KIMBLER b. 1880 
.  2 Henry BUCKNER b. ca. 1825, TN m. Julia BOCOOK b. ca. 1827
.  .  3 Martha BUCKNER b. ca. 1848, KY
.  .  3 Nancy BUCKNER b. 1850, KY 
.  .  3 Maranda BUCKNER b. 23 Mar 1852 (cK) 
.  .  3 Julia C. BUCKNER b. 9 Mar 1855 (cK)
.  .  3 Riley L. BUCKNER b. 14 Apr 1856 (cK)
.  .  3 Elca B. BUCKNER b. ca. 1858, KY 
.  .  3 Mary J. BUCKNER b. ca. 1861, KY 
.  .  3 John M. BUCKNER b. ca. 1864, KY
.  .  3 Eliza E. BUCKNER b. 1870, VA

Probable but less directly evidenced descendants of Patrick (Mack)

.  2 Jacintha (poss. "Janitha") BUCKNER m. 11 Jul 1841 Harrison BOGGS

.  2 James BUCKNER b. ca. 1822, VA d. bef. 1860 m. 1842 Sarah J. ROSE b. ca. 1823, TN
.  .  3 (F) M.E. BUCKNER b. ca. 1846, KY 
.  .  3 Sarah Ellen BUCKNER b. ca. 1848 m. 20 Nov 1867 (cK) John PATTON 
.  .  3 (F) N.B. BUCKNER b. ca. 1849, KY 
.  .  3 Overton BUCKNER b. 7 Jul 1853 (cK), d. 1853 s.p.
.  .  3 Malinda F. BUCKNER b. ca. 1855, KY
.  .  3 Martha A. BUCKNER b. 6 Sep 1857 (cK)
.  .  3 Lydia M. BUCKNER b. ca. 1860, KY

.  2 Susanah BUCKNER b. ca. 1832, KY m. 10 Jul 1849 James STEPHENS (cK)

.  2 Jane BUCKNER b. ca. 1822, VA m. 4 Oct 1854 (cK) Jesse FORTNER (At "Mack Buckner house")

(James is almost certain to be Patrick's son, but, unlike with Sally,
Overton, and Henry, I don't yet have anything that explicitly says so or a
solid chain of inferences as in George's case. Susanah lived at least up to 1860 , had at least 5 children, and her two census entries don't have anything that denies the hypothesis that she was Patrick's daughter. Jacintha is little more than a name in a marriage bonds, so far. Information on her later fate has been elusive.)

And there is another loose Buckner in Carter Co., whom I had once thought to 
be one of the daughters, but I now think is probably Millie PRUITT BUCKNER, 
the widow of George BUCKNER. If George died around 1843, it would make sense
that his widow remarried in 1845. Note that her birthplace is KY, and none
Patrick's other children were born in KY. This would also give an uncomfortably
large number of children born around 1823. To wit:

Amelia (Milly) "BUCKNER" b. ca. 1823, KY d. aft. 1870 m. 23 Jun 1845 (cK)
   Zacharias GILLEUM/GILLHAM b. ca. 1823, KY d. aft. 1870
.  (M) Pleasant GILLHAM b. ca. 1848, KY 
.  America GILLHAM b. Dec 1849, KY
.  Isaac GILLHAM b. ca. 1852, KY
.  Francis (Fannie) GILLHAM b. ca. 1854, KY
.  Naoma GILLHAM b. ca. 1857, KY
.  Clarinda GILLHAM b. 1860, KY

Patrick BUCKNER was apparently a rather peripatetic individual. He was born in Tennessee around 1789, enlisted in the Virginia Militia in Russel Co. VA in 1814, appeared in the Grainger Co., TN tax lists in 1821, and appeared in the Carter Co., KY tax lists intermittently from 1839 (beside Overton and others) to 1866. Harrison Buckner's biography indicates that Overton moved to KY when he was 16, around 1828, and Patrick first appears once in the Lawrence Co., KY (became Carter Co. in 1835) tax lists in 1833. Obadiah Fultz, Overton's father in law, appeared in Lawrence, KY in 1829. Patrick also appeared in the 1840 and 1850 censuses of Carter Co., KY. Overall, the pattern of locations suggests that the larger family group moved to KY around 1828-29, but individual members arrived sporadically. In 1860, Patrick was enumerated in Scott Co., VA, though this entry contains an erroneous birthplace and a 10-year error in his age, suggesting it was second-hand information. In the 1870 census he was again in Scott Co., and that census entry is consistent with the 1850 entry and other information. His War of 1812 pension and land grant application records from 1868 to 1872 give his residence as Scott Co., VA, though some evidence suggests his occasional presence in KY through the 1860s. He died in Scott Co. in 1873. His known or suspected children, Overton, James, and Henry were born in 1812 in Scott Co., VA; ca. 1822 in VA; and ca. 1825 in TN, respectively.

Patrick BUCKNER's wife's name is variously given as Elizabeth GILLUM or GILLIAM but her identity is otherwise fairly well established. An extensive genealogy for her exists and can be found in the LDS Ancestral File (submission AF96-105722). He is not known for sure to have remarried after her death, though there is a curious dangling fact in that a "Patrick McBuckner" married Susan FLANAGAN on 3 Aug 1862 in Greenup Co., KY. However, Patrick's pension records from 1872 give his wife's name as Elizabeth and say that she died about 10 years earlier. Thus this may not be the same Patrick McBuckner, but that leaves open the question of which Patrick McBuckner it might be. The other possibility is that it was actually the same Patrick, and Susan either died soon after or the marriage was quickly annulled. A further bit of relevant evidence is that a Sukey Buckner (age 42) appears in the 1870 Greenup census with a 6-year-old son, Rickey Buckner, but they seem to have disappeared after that. Sukey is of course an old nickname for Susan or Susannah.

His habit of using the name "Patrick McBuckner" from time to time also complicates the effort to fill in details of his life. He seemed to use it exclusively in Tennessee but only part of the time in Virginia. In Kentucky, the "Mc" seems to have often been regarded as a personal name, "Mack," by which he was known far more frequently than by "Patrick." His grandson Harrison BUCKNER's biography gives the name as Patrick M. BUCKNER. The "McBuckner" surname variant is rare, though it crops up at least once with his son Overton in a 1832 Lawrence Co., KY marriage record, and there is a plot in the Riverside Cemetery of Jackson, TN (probably late 19th century) that is recorded as belonging to "B. McBuckner" - sadly, there is no headstone.

Evidence as to his parentage has been mounting for some time. His 1870 census records say that both his parents were of foreign birth, and some researchers have identified them as Patrick BUCKNER and Molly EASTEP who married in Bedford Co., VA on 28 July 1783.

The best evidence I have seen regarding this identification so far is his Scott Co., VA death record which gives the father's name as "Patrick MC" and mother's as "Mary," for which "Molly" of course is a common nickname. However, an 1889 biography of his grandson Harrison BUCKNER names "Molly Esteys" as "Patrick M. Buckner's" wife, that is, it identifies Molly as the wife of the younger Patrick BUCKNER. No other evidence supports this marriage though (his wife's name is otherwise always given as Elizabeth), so it seems likely that "Molly Esteys" was really the current Patrick BUCKNER's mother and that she is identical to the above "Molly EASTEP" (also read as EASTER in some sources) who married the elder Patrick BUCKNER in Bedford Co., VA in 1783. This confusion could easily have arisen if father and son had had the same name, as would be the case if this hypothesis is correct. The interpretive variations in Molly's maiden name may arise from confusion over the now-obsolete "long s" character which was still in common use when the marriage was recorded. Inspection of the original marriage record might shed light on this. The Harrison Buckner biography also states that Patrick was of Irish descent, which, combined with his indication of his parents' foreign birth and his nickname or surname prefix "Mack/Mc," strongly suggests that one or both his parents were immigrants from Ireland. It would indeed be hard to deny that "Patrick" and "Molly" were typically Irish first names.

A further bit of evidence linking the first and second Patrick BUCKNERs is an 1811 Russel Co. tax list which mentions "Patrick Buckner Sr.". The younger Patrick can be seen to have been living there only a few years later from his pension records.

Patrick Buckner Sr. appears to have served at least briefly in the American Revolution in Capt. Robertson's Co., according to Historical Register of Virginians in the Revolution (J.H. Gwathmey, Genealogical Publishing Co., 1979, p. 107), which seems to indicate that he mustered in at Augusta, VA in 1777. However, the original source for this is unclear.

Patrick "Mack's" apparent birth in Tennessee around 1789 may also be an important clue, since the only known Buckners in the area at the time (which was not yet the state of Tennessee but rather the remnants of the recently disintegrated "state of Franklin" or "Frankland") were William, Presley, and Haley BUCKNER, and their family, who have been treated in an issue of the Buckner Newsletter by E. La Mar Buckner (v. 1, n. 1). The next earliest known Buckner arrivals appear to have been Rice BUCKNER and his family who are first in evidence in TN from 1806 when Rice was enumerated in a Knox Co. tax list, along with Presley and John BUCKNER (the affiliation of this last is unknown to me). Rice BUCKNER later moved to Maury Co. and was the son of Anthony BUCKNER of Halifax Co., VA, as attested in Anthony's 1780 will. I know of no familial connection between Rice and the Buckners of Franklin, but Anthony's affiliations seem to be poorly understood. At any rate, if Patrick's parents were married in 1783 and he was born in 1789, they probably had at least a few other children who survived to adulthood, and if these can be identified among the other Buckners, they might provide some useful information.

As mentioned, Patrick also later appears in Grainger Co., TN, which was once part of Sullivan Co., the early home of the Franklin group of Buckners in TN. In fact, after the creation of Grainger Co., Presley, "Henery," and Ezra BUCKNER all appear in it at various times, the last appearing contemporarily with Patrick. Unfortunately, early records from this part of Tennessee are sparse, with most early census records having been destroyed. Therefore potential connections are difficult to test. The strongest objection to associating Patrick with this group is his indication of his parents' foreign birth in 1870. This would conflict with the fairly plausible theory of the Franklin group's origin (as descendants of John and Sarah BUCKNER of VA) proposed by La Mar Buckner in his aforementioned article.

Interestingly, a recent query to the Buckner Newsletter (v. 1, n. 4) by Jeannine Tussey Preston requested information on a Mary Ann BUCKNER who was born around 1795 in TN and married Jonathan TUSSEY in Sullivan Co. in 1812. She indicates that Mary Ann (BUCKNER) TUSSEY lived past 1880 in Kentucky, and in fact I recently found a census entry for a Mary Ann TUSSEY (living with her son, Jonathan C. TUSSEY) in 1880 in Carter Co., KY. This records both her and her parents' birthplace as Tennessee, though it also indicates her age as 73 rather than the expected 85. She apparently resided both in Carter and Greenup counties, which were also where Patrick BUCKNER and his family settled in KY. We thus again have suggestive geographical and chronological coincidences to other Buckners, but no hard connections yet.

While the ancestry of Patrick "Mack" BUCKNER is still not completely clear, there are numerous sources which could clarify the situation further. I have yet to thoroughly examine certain county records from Scott and Russell Cos., VA and Grainger Co., TN, where important clues may yet lie. Additionally, he left numerous descendants, with at least four children surviving to have offspring of their own, and probably several others. Hopefully, this discussion of the current state of my research will bring out or connect to research or family traditions of others, particularly by bringing together evidence from less well-known sources such as the gravestones reported above or the Harrison BUCKNER biography. Transcriptions of many of the sources referred to here are available on the internet via the world wide web at the URL,

Note: In addition to the presently discussed Patrick BUCKNER and his probable father, there was a Patrick H. BUCKNER in Virginia in the early 1800s. This individual appears to have been born around 1806 and married Elizabeth A. SMITH in Campbell Co., VA in 1824. He was enumerated in the 1830 census of neighboring Halifax Co., VA next to an older William BUCKNER and again in Independence Co., Arkansas in 1860. He has no known relation to the Patrick BUCKNER of this article.