This is the transcribed will of Nicholas Buckner of Combe, Oxfordshire, England, 1622 (Oxfordshire Record Office 197.22, 5/1/8)

This is probably the son of Christopher Buckner Sr. This family is a bit unusual in that Christopher, his three sons, Walter, Thomas, and Nicholas, all left wills, as well as Nicholas' son Richard. As best I can tell, the only direct patrilineal descendant of Christopher left when Richard died in 1628 was Walter Buckner, though the mysterious godson Christopher Buckner (Jr.) was still alive. I suspect he was a cousin. Walter left Combe and became a tailor, eventually settling in London. From various parish records, he had children John (1625, Cleobury Mortimer, Shropshire) and Sarah (1627, St Bartholomew The Great, London) with his first wife Ellen (d. 1630), and then Joyce, Thomas, Elinor, Adoniah, Henry, and Sarah with his second wife Mary. Walter was buried In St. Bart. Great in 1667. A "Christofor Buckner" was buried in the same parish on 5 Aug 1643 "out of the house of Water Buckner," which is probably this godson/cousin, or whoever he was. Christopher Buckner, a "suteman" of Long Lane in London, also put his son Thomas Buckner in an apprenticeship with Edward Sweatelande of the Clothmaker's Co. in 1639, though there is no record of guild admission, so Thomas probably died before completing it. Of the children, only Adonijah and Thomas lack clear death records in infancy, though there is a 1691 burial of Thomas son of Walter Buckner in St. Bart. If Adonijah had survived to have children, the name probably would have been encountered elsewhere, though Thomas could easily be among the many Thomas Buckners wandering around London in the 1600s. The male line is probably extinct however.

Cicely Buckner is probably the same Cicilie Buckner who married John Absten (or Austen) on 30 May 1616 in St. Giles, Oxford.

I've tried to preserve the line arrangement so anyone who wants can compare this to the original image. I don't claim perfection, and there are some things that can be interpreted different ways. The notation {ER} and such indicates a superscript abbreviation. These are common in period documents, though sometimes they can be a little idiosyncratic. I also tend to use modern u/v and i/j , but keep in mind that these were essentially the same letters during this period, so "verily" is really indistinguishable from "uerily" and "Jesus" from "Iesvs", though I do use the terminal j when it appears in the MS, especially in numerals where it is often essential for clarity.

Date of will: 10 Aug 1622

Probate: 23 Oct 1622

People named in the will:

In the name of god Amen The Tenth daye of August and 
in the yeare of ou{r} Lorde God one thousane Six hundred tweni
Twentie Towe I nicolas Buckner of the parish of Combe And
in the Diocese of Oxon Beinge whole of minde and Good perfet
memory God be praysed make This my p{re}sent Testament and laste
will in manner and Forme Followinge Firste I Bequethe and comend
my Soule unto the mercifull hands of Allmightie God and my body
To the yearthe to be Reverentlye Buried It I give to the mother
Churche in oxford ijd Item I give Towards the Reapayringe of the
parishe Churche of combe Six pence Item I give unto Richard
Buckner my Sonn Tenn pounds: Item I give unto walter Buckner
my Sonn Eyght pounds : Item I give unto Annis Buckner my
Daughter Six pounds: Ite I give unto Cislye Buckner my daughte{r}
Fortie Shillinges: Item I give unto Cristofer Buckner my Godsonne
Towe Sheepe: It I give unto Abstons Sonn Foure Shillings
All the Residue of my Goods Boothe movable and unmovable I
Give unto Joone Buckner my wiff my debts legacies and 
Buriall Discharged and doe make her my Sole and whole
Executor to Execute and discharge all Things Accordinge
To my True meaninge herein: And I make willyam odbe
and Robart newman Sup{er}visors of this my Last will and
I will give them for theire paines xiijd apease wittneses
Willyam odbe        Probatum in visitacone trieniali apud
Robard newman       Woodstocke 23o Octobris 1622 per
John Kings          ? ? et excem ? coram Mr
                    Lodovico Bowen Clico Sac?er Theologie
                    batchver? uno Comissionario Row~endi pris ?
                    in forma iuris iurat salvo ? ?