This is the will of John Buckner of Chawley, d. 1599 (Berkshire Record Office Archdeaconry of Berks. Wills Register J. 495, FHL Film 88100).

He appears to have been the son of William Buckner of Chawley, whose will was probated in 1617. The brothers and sisters mentioned in this will match up to the sons and daughters in William of Chawley's will, so this identification is fairly certain. John's will does not answer many questions that his father's will doesn't, though it does make it clear that John's mother was deceased by 1599 because his father had remarried. This will is most important because it is quoted in The Buckners of Virginia, to wit:

John Buckner, the second son, died in 1599 (Will dated Nov. 26 Proved Dec. 30 (Book J.P.C.C.) He leaves "portion of my lands at Whitely left me by my father, to my nephew William Buckner of Chawley, and my nephew John Buckner of Botley; my nephew Francis Barry; my sister Mary."

As the reader will soon discover, this quotation does not exist in the will, and his father was pretty obviously still alive. The quotation given in The Buckners of Virginia seems to have fabricated and attributed to John Buckner's 1599 will in order to support the fictitious genealogy given in the book.

The register copy of the will has a lot of ink bleeding on the second page, which renders some of it difficult to read, but enough of it is clear that the important parts can be read. The original will may still exist as well, and I will probably eventually get a copy of that.

John's father William of Chawley is important to identify, since he obviously had a number of children. It's clear that he married twice, and apparently he was having children with the second wife around the time of John's death (so John was probably not too old at the time). There are burials recorded in Cumnor parish for am Anna Buckner "of Chaulie", daughter of William on 17 Jul 1599 and of William Buckner, son of William, on 10 Mar 1600. Wiliam of Chawley was most likely one of the younger sons of William Buckner of Botley and Dorothy Huckvale, but it's not entirely certain.

Date of will: 4 Feb 1598/9

Probate: 6? Dec 1599

People mentioned in the Will:

In the name of god Amen The xxiijth day of February
in the 4jth yeare of the raigne of or sov{er}aigne Lady Elizabeth [?]
I John Buckner of Chaly in the p{ar}ish of Comnore in the comity
of Barks being sicke in body buy whole & p{er}fect in rememberance[?]
thankes be to god do make ordayne & declare this my p{re}sente[?]
testament and last will in manner & forme following First I
give & bequeath my soule to allmightie god my maker & redee
mer by whose pretious death I trust to be saved & my body to 
be buryed wthin[?] the churchyard of Comner aforesaid Item I give
to the mother church of Saru~ ijd Itm I give to the p{ar}ish church
of Comner ijs viijs Itm I give to the poore people of Comner
the p{ar}ish xx[s or d] the one halfe to be bestowed to the poore at my buryall
& the pther p{ar}te the time twelvemoneth after Itm I give to five poore peo
pl of Whitchurch xxd to to Goodwife Dicher iiijd to goodwife
harwode iiijd to Agnes Marten iiijd to Father houlte iiijd & to


Martha Crowe[?] iiijd of the said p{ar}ishe of Whitchurch Itm I give
[...] to my sister Dorothy [?] whereof xxxs she shall
[...] of one John Daye of Sheffield[?] in the cowntie of Oxford[?]
Itm she[?] shall receive[?] of [M?]iles Austen[?] vjs viijd dwelling in
Oxford Itm she shall receive more of Willia~ Ruffin of
Cumnor in the County of Berks vjs vijd & for allowance
for taking of that xls vj[?]d of those debts [re?] ijs viijd Itm I give to my
sister Mary [?]li whereof she hath received xxxj[?]s [?]
xxixs she to have wthin[?] six monethes after my decease Itm I
give & bequeath to my sister Joane shee be[?] [????] [???] [????]
brynded heifer? th[ither?] a [browne?] h[?]er [the?] whitest[??] [???]
& the other a streare bullocke Itm I will? that? my f[?????] ? have?
the use of the brinded? h[?]er until? ?? eads? to
her for her com'odity she to have all the caulf[es?] to her use sa
ving the first calfe Itm I give to her more one [?????] & one
cofer wth [???] [????] all that is in it Itm I give & bequeath
to my brother Thomas Buckner vijli to be paid wthin [two?]
yeares after my fathers decease Itm I appointe him xxd
more to be [payed?] wthin six monthes after my decease Itm
give to my mother [in? lawes?] children x[l?]d to be [???y] [father?] dis
[pesrey?] Itm I give to John [Brye~t?] my godsonne one s[ilk?][cloth?]
dublett & a paire of m[??ly] [hosen?] Itm I give to [henry?] [pagent?]
one caulfeskinne dublett Itm I give to my sister Mary one
cheast All the residue of my moveable goodes not [will?]ed or be
queathed I give to my father Wm Buckner whom I make
me Whole executo{r} he paying my debts legacies & to [see?my?]
body h[?]ly buryed Also I appointe & ordayne [?][to?] [be?]
overseer of this my last will & testament to be per[formed?] Geo
[fery] Perryer[?] of Comner & for his good paynes [hereunto?]
[?] I give unto him v[?] Witnesses John Buckner William
S[myth?] Geffery Perryer[?]

Probatum fuit hoc te~tum cora~ venli viro henr[?]
marten legum doctori Dni Arch Dni Berk Cssli[?]
l[????] c[????] vj[?] die mensis dece~bris 1599
comission[e?] dne executori in h[uius?] tnto no[minato?]
veritate[?] [???] p~dit[?] qua~ de bene et fidel~ p~
plen[????] in forma iuris iurat C[???] [???] [???]
cr[???] h[??]

C[???] inventarij -- xiij[?]livsiiijd