This is the transcribed will of Henry Buckner of Eynsham, Oxfordshire, England, 1546 (Oxfordshire Record Office 179.234)

There is a 1572 administration of the estate of John Buckner of Longcombe by his brother Robert Buckner of Eynsham ("Roberto Bucknor de Eynisham fri~ naturali dicti Johis~ def"). These might be Henry's sons, but it's strange that the younger son Robert would be in Eynsham while the elder son John would be in Combe. There is also a 1576 will of John Buckner of Eynsham who mentions a wife Anne, daughter Jone, and an unnamed sister (probably married to a Borsley, as he names three Borsleys as legatees). This latter John leaves legacies to Eynsham parish and Stanton-Harcourt, just like Henry. There are a couple possible solutions to this. One is that John (d. 1576) is the son of Henry, and John (d. 1572) is the unmarried son of the elder Robert. It would make more sense that the younger son of the younger son had left Eynsham. The eldest Buckner otherwise known in Combe is Christopher (d. 1591), who was probably well into middle age by that time. Henry was presumably born in the late 1400s, say about 1490. John his son must have been born before 1525, say about 1520, while Robert was probably born about 1530, so I doubt that either of them was Christopher's father. I suspect they were cousins of Christopher. Robert also seems a bit young to have had two adult sons in 1572, so I wouldn't write anything on the Eynsham Buckners in ink.

I've tried to preserve the line arrangement so anyone who wants can compare this to the original image. I don't claim perfection, and there are some things that can be interpreted different ways. The notation {ER} and such indicates a superscript abbreviation. These are common in period documents, though sometimes they can be a little idiosyncratic.

Date of will: 22 Apr 1546

Probate: 21 Apr 1547

People named in the will:

Testamentum Henrici Buckner de Eynesham
In the name of god Amen the xxij daye of Aprill in the yeare of owr Lord god

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a thousande ccccc xlvj and the ^xxxviij yere of the reigne of owr soveraigne Lord henry the viij by the grace
of god kynge of England France and Ireland defender of the faith and in earth of the church
of England and Ireland the supreme heed I henrye Buckner of Enysh~m in the dioces
of Oxford and in the Cowntie of the same husbandman being in hale mynde and in good
memorye Lauded be god make and ordeyne this my presente Testamente conteyning
therin my last wyll in maner and forme that folowith Fyrst I bequeth and commende
my sowle to allmyghtie god and to all the holly companye in heaven and my bodie to be
buryed in the church yarde of saynte Leonarde in Eynysh~m aforesaid Item I gyve and
bequethe to Julyan my youngest daughter one Cow toward her kepyng Itm I wyll that
Agnes my eldest daughter and my said youngest daughter have the revenewes rents and
profytts of all my Lands sette lying and beying in the Towne and fyldes within the p{ar}ish
of Stannton Harecourte from the decease of me the said henry Buckner untyll
suche tyme as Roberte my sonne shall growe and cume unto the full age of xxj yeres
and after the said Roberte is cume unto his said full age of xxj yeres off
discretion That then I wyll that the same Roberte my sonne to have and all the said lands
rents and all their appurten~ces unto hym and unto his heyres of his bodie Lawfully begotten
forever And for defawte of heyres of the bodie of the of the said Roberte lawfully begotten
that then I wyll all my foresaid Lands with happurten~ces to remayne and enioye [enjoy]
unto John my eldest sonne and to the heyres of his bodie lawfully begotten forever Item
I gyve and bequethe unto the said John my sonne all my Lands with happurten~ces
st lying and beying in the towne and feldes of Eynysh~m aforesaid to have and to holde
unto hym and to his heyres of his bodie lawfully begotten forever And for lack of heyres
of the same John lawfully begotten that then I wyll all my foresaid lands
with happurten~ces in Eynysh~m aforesaid yf the foresaid Roberte and John my said
sonnes happen to dep{ar}te forth of this transitorie lyffe worlde and have no issue of their
bodies lawfully begotten that then I wyll all my said lande and tenements aswell
in Stannton Harecouerte aforesaid as allso in Eynysh~m aforesaid with all and
singuler happurten~ces to remayne and enioye unto my said ij Daughters and to
the heyres of their ij bodies Lawfully begotten for evermore equally to be devyded
p{ar}ted and p{ar}ticioned amonge them at the discretion of mychaell Townysende off
Garsington[?] humfrey Wyllybye and Wyllyam Wyllyams whome I make ordeyne
and appoynte my executors by these presents that this my presente Testamente and
Last wyll faithfully they execute and fullfyll with effecte The residue of my goods
after my detts payed and execution[?] of this my last wyll fullfylled I gyve and
bequeth unto my said chyldren to do to please god and profyt my sowle In wytnes
of which thing to this my presente Testament and last wyll Sr Thomas
mayer Curate there and the foresaid executors

Probatum Erat hoc Testamentum cora~ nob[il]is Waltero Wyght
Legn doctore Arch~tus Oxon Archmo~ in visitiaco~e [nua?] apud Woodstock[?]
xxio Die mensis Aprill Anno dni i547o Commissa administrator~ michaeli
Townysende[?] et Williamo Wyllyams Salua[?] ptate Snnilem[?]
commissionem faciend humfredo Wyllybye alteri execut[??]
venerit eandem in iurs forma petitur[?]
Inventarium  [? - blank line]