This is the transcribed will of Admiral Charles Buckner of Clewer, Berks., 1808 (UK Public Record Office Catalogue Ref Prob 11/1520)

Admiral Buckner is pretty well documented, so I won't go into much commentary, other than to note that he was christened in Jan 1735 and died in 1811. His father was Richard Buckner of Chichester. At the time he wrote the will in 1808, he was Admiral of the White, but later that year he was promoted to Admiral of the Red, which was the highest rank in the Royal Navy.

Date of will: 17 Feb 1808

Probate: 11 Mar 1811

People named in the will:

The last Will & Testament
of Mr. Charles Bukker [sic] of the Parish of Clewer in the County of
Berkshire Admiral of the white Squadron of his Majesty's fleet and
written with my own hands is follows that is to say in the first place I
so direct that all my just Debts and Funeral Expense's be fully paid and
satisfied by my Executors by and out of my Personal Estate that my
funeral be conducted with as little Expense as shall be consistent with
decency and at the nearest place of Interment to that where I shall
happen to die And as to all my Landed Property of whatever description
laying and being in the County of Su|sex I give and devise direct
limit[?] and appoint the same and every part and Parcel thereof in
respectively with their and every of their Appurtenance's and all my
Estate and Interest therein respectively unto my son Richard
Buckner to hold to him and his heirs Executors Advisors and A|signs
absolutely and for Ever Also I give and bequeath to my son Richard
Buckner over and above the Provision before mentioned the Moiety

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of such Inns as shall be due to me on Bonds at my House. to
be paid to him by my Executors hereinafter named as soon as
convenient by way or by and out of my Personal Estate I do hereby
give and bequeath direct limit and appoint unto -- my Daughter
Mary Buckner to and for her own use and benefit absolutely and for 
Ever all the Capital Sum or Sums in the Stock or Fund called Three
Per Cent Consolidated Annuitie's now standing as well as in the
joint or separate Names of myself and Joseph Baker and Francis
Par[?] on the Books of that Fund at the bank of England Also I hereby
give and bequeath unto my said Daughter Mary buckner to and
for her sole use and benefit absolutely and for Ever all the Capital
in the Stock or Fund called South Annuitie's now standing
or that may be standing in my Name therein at the time[?] of my
decease And I direct my Executors as soon as conveniently may be
to make the Transfers of the respective Sums in the Funds called three
Per Cent Consolidated and that called the South Annuities to and
for the sole use and benefit of my said Daughter accordingly Also I
give and bequeath to my said daughter One Moiety the Sums that 
shall be due to me on Bonds and Whereas certain Sums of Money
in the Annuities and Funds and Irish E...[?] are not mentioned
in my Marriage Articles my Will and desire is those Sums
respectively as well as all other Sums of Money that stand in the Name
of my dear wife Anne Buckner shall be at full and entire disposal in
case of my death and I make and appoint my good Friends John
Hunter of the Navy board Esquire and James Palmer Hobbs of Bond
Street Esquire and James Palmer Executors of this my Will and I
give to each ^ of them and by their Acceptance of Twenty Guineas for a Diuty[?] and
as to all the rest residue and remainder of my Monies Arrears of Pay
or other Personal estate ^Property except my household stores furniture Plate Books
live Stock and Carriage which I hereby give and bequeath to my
dear wife at her disposal which at the time of my decease I shall be
po|se|sed of interested in or entitled to I give and bequeath the same and

every part & Parcel of the same thereof except as before excepted after my
Debts and Funeral expenses shall be paid unto my Executors John
Hunter and James Palmer Hobbs Esquire's and the Survivor of them
and the Executors and Advisors of such Survivor upon special Trust and
Confidence neverthele|s ^that they and the Survivor of them or his Executors and
Administrators be and shall as soon as conveniently after my decease
collect and call in my said Monies and Securities and sell and dispose
of and convert into Money all the rest and residue of my Personal Estate
except as before excepted at he best rate and for the best Price's can
reasonably be had for the same and do and shall divide pay and 
distribute and disposeof the whole Produce thereof after deducting &
retaining all Costs and Charges attending the execution of the their said
Trust which they are hereby empowered to do to and between my said
Son and Daughter Richard & Mary Bucknor their Heirs executors
Advisors and Assigns in actual Moieties Share and Share alike
to and for his her or their own separate distinct and absolute use and
benefit In witne|s whereof I the said Charles Bucknor the Testator
the Testator have to this my last Will and Testament contained in six
sides of Paper to which I have set my hand and to this seventh and last
Sheet of Paper my hand and Seal this Seventeenth day of February
   In the year of our ---- Lord
One thousand eight hundred and eight _ Cha Buckner _ SS _
Signed Sealed Published & declared (erasures being ^first made by the Testator
as and for his last Will and Testament in the Presence of [?] as
well in his Presence at his request and in the Presence of each other
have subscribed our Hand's as Witne|se's _ Jas. Jordan _ Edward
Sutton _ Thomas Thatcher all of Clewer Berkshire //

Proved at London the 11th of March 1811 before the
Worshipful Samuel Pearce Parson Dr. of Laws and Subscribed
by the Oaths of John Hunter Esquire and James Palmer Hobbs Esquire
the Executors to whom Admon~ was granted having been first sworn to Adm.