Berkshire Will Indices for Buckners

from _Index to Wills Proved and Administrations Granted in the Court of the
Archdeacon of Berks. 1508 to 1652_

An index of wills and administrations from Berkshire Co., England from
1508 to 1652.

This identifies 3 main and 4 supplementary jurisdictions for Berkshire wills:
1) Prerogative Court of Canterbury (PCC)
2) Consistory Court of the Bishop of Salisbury
3) Court of the Archdeacon of Berks.
4) Prebendal Court of Faringdon
5) Prebendal Court of Langford Ecclesia
6) Peculiar Court of the Dean of Sarum
7) Peculiar Court of the Dean and Canons of Windsor

Buckner listings:
year surname, first name, [location, ] location   administration/record id.

1643 Buckner or Bucknour, Anthony, Cumnor  ad.
1586 " Dorothy, Cumnor                     H. 93
1598 " Dorothy, Whitley, Cumnor            J. 292
1609 " John, Botley, Cumnor                K. 496
1599 " Jno., Chawley, Cumnor               J. 495
1587 " Thomas, Whitley, Cumnor             H. 120
1617 " William, Chawley, Cumnor            L. 781
1558 " William, Cumnor                     D. 188

1645 Buckner(?), Edward, Pewsey            ad.

A handwritten index of Berks. wills from 1631-1745 (LDS MF #924,800) listed no Buckners under any known spelling variant, though it clearly must have missed Anthony Buckner.

F.S. Snell's "An index to the Surnames other than those of the Testators in the Wills Concerned occurring in the Registered Wills of the Archdeaconry of Berks, now in Somerset House" (1480-1710) (LDS MF #924,803)does list a lot of Buckners (as you might expect):

Buckner, Bucknor, Bucnar B 126, C 73, D 187, F 107, 111, 154, 202, 373, 460 G 303, 313, 314, 445, I (first page), 355, 411, M 1, 19:76.

I've bolded the ones at the Cumnor Parish Records site - Snell seems to have missed some in the H, I, J and K registers, so this index should not be considered complete. As a rough guesstimate, I'd say he must have gotten about half of them. You can usually figure that there will be about 3 or 4 times as many non-testator hits as testator hits, since there are usually about 3 or 4 surnames aside from the testator's mentioned in a typical will.

Dates of the Berks Archdeaconry Court Will Registers: