This is the transcribed will of Edward Buckner of Sussex Co., Virginia, 1767 (Sussex Co., VA Will Book B, p. 141-2).

The will has two interlinear additions in a different hand, which is part of what makes them hard to read. The second interlinear seems to be repeating the personal estate clause but applied to the slave Betty. The last two names are not clear, but assuming the clauses are parallel they would be Edmond and Patty. The first interlinear is more interesting as it seems to name offspring not in the original clause. Unfortunately, it is not at all clear and since it's in a different hand, the problematic letter forms can't be compared to the main body. The first name is definitely Sarah, the third is "Henery", and the fifth "Mealy" (perhaps for Amelia or a similar name). The fourth may be Thomas with an ink blot over the 'm'. The second is very difficult, since it is intersected by ascenders from below and descenders from above. The first six characters appear to be "P.pool." The one following is unclear but it seems likely to be a descending ampersand. A reading of "Polly" is sometimes proposed but it seems clear that this is a local variant form of the surname Pettypool, "P.Pool" or sometimes "P'Pool." Because "Sarah P.pool" is separated from Henry by an ampersand, it is probably a complete name rather than the names of two separate children, though versions of "Pettypool" as first names are not unknown. The second interlinear shows this same unusual convention with the ampersand separating "Isham" and "Betty" and omitted in the subsequent list items.

This makes the list of children: James, Isham, Betty, Edmond, Patty, Sarah P.Pool, Henry, Thomas, and Mealy. It's not entirely clear to me who these Buckners are related to, but I suspect that Buckner Pettypool was a grandchild of Sarah. Henry is by some considered to be the same as Henry Buckner of Rowan Co., NC, which seems to be supported by circumstantial evidence. For one, Henry had a later son named Burrow (Isabella's maiden name - she was the daughter of John Burrow). Due to the difficult nature of the manuscript, there are many variant readings which have been published over the years, though for the most part only the variants of the heirs' names are significant. Two other particularly notable misreadings are of "Edward" for Edmond and "Theodore" for Thomas. Edmond is corroborated by at least four independent primary sources, but records of Thomas are less obvious. I think he is most likely the same Thomas Buckner who married the widow Mary Foster (of George Foster, d. 1762) in neighboring Charlotte Co., VA between 1762 and 1769, probably closer to the latter. An intriguing probable mention of him is in "a list of Pay due Deceas'd officers & Soldiers of the 4th Virginia Regiment" in Captain Brent's Company during the Revolution, which would seem to indicate that Thomas died in service during the War, like his brother Edmond. Their brother Henry Buckner appears to have lived in Charlotte in 1767 as well.

Edward Buckner himself appears in few other records, but he is mentioned at least 4 times in boundary procession records in the Vestry Book of Albemarle Parish in Surry (1747 and 1751) and then in Sussex Counties (1755 and 1759), Virginia. His property was almost on the county line, and it ended up on the Sussex side when the county was formed in 1753. In the 1759 procession, his son James Buckner did the actual processioning. (Virginia Lee Hutcheson Davis & Andrew Wilburn Hogwood, Albemarle Parish vestry book, 1742-1786: Surry and Sussex counties, Virginia, (2005), pp. 42, 69, 103, 129). Edward received a patent to the property (285 acres) on 12 Jan 1746/7 (Virginia Patent Book 25, pp. 419-420). The earliest record of him that I know of is from 9 Oct 1746 when he witnessed a deed in Surry Co. with his father-in-law John Burrow Sr. and John Burrow Jr.

There have been various claims as to the identities of his parents. My personal, albeit unproven, opinion is that Edward Buckner was the son of Lawrence Buckner of Prince George Co. VA, who died about 1720, and his wife Sarah. I do not believe that they are descended from the Buckners of southeastern Virginia. My mostly hypothetical reconstruction of this family tree is illustrated below (see the will of Lawrence Buckner of Soulbury, Bucks.) :

Some corroboration of this has recently emerged in the will of Sarah Evans (1711) of Prince George Co., which names her son in law Lawrence Buckner and grandchildren William, Lawrence, Eliza, and Henry Buckner. That will really confirms that the younger Lawrence Buckner of Prince George Co. was the son of the elder Lawrence, and it tends to reinforce the idea that Lawrence Sr. was the son of William Buckner of Charles City Co. (since the apparent eldest son was named William). Unfortunately, it doesn't prove that Edward was a son as well, but Edward lived practically right next to Lawrence Jr. (as did the Wingfields), so it's a pretty good bet that Edward was a younger son of Lawrence Sr. who hadn't been born yet by 1711. It was probably a fairly young family when Sarah Evans died, so it wouldn't be surprising if there were a few more children before Lawrence died 9 years later.

The execution of the estate seems to have spawned two civil suits in the Lunenburg Co. VA court in 1769, one of William Burrow v. Isabella and James Buckner and the other of Isabella v. her own son, James Buckner. In the first case, Burrow (probably her brother) won the suit against Isabella but the action against James abated as he was not reckoned an inhabitant of the County. In the second suit, probably a consequence of the first, Isabella attached James' goods, ("one cow and calf, a parcel of corn, one stack of fodder, one bedstead, one chest, three chairs, one spinning wheel, gums and barrels"), and won a default judgement to have them sold off as James did not appear in his defense. (Lunenburg County, Virginia, Order Book No. 12, 1776-1779, TLC Genealogy, 2007, p. 209 & 248).

People named in the will:

In the name of God Amen I Edward Buckner being in a low state
of Health but of sound memory do give and devise as follows
Imprimis I Give to James Porch sen fifty Acres of Land adjoining of James Buckners line & his own
line to him & his Heirs for ever_
Item I Give to my son James Buckner the remainder of this Tract of Land I now live on at the death
or marriage of his mother to him & his Heirs forever_
Item I Lend to my beloved wife all the tract of Land I now live on not already given during her
life or widowhood also all my estate Both real and personal during her life or widowhood, also
                                                my children Sarah P.pool& Henrey Tho[m?]as Mealy
it is my desire that the personal estate at her ^death or marriage be equally divided between Isham
^also it is my desire[?] negro Becky her increase at[?] the death or marriage of my wife beequallydivided between Isham&Betty Ed[..?d] P[atty?]
Betty, Edmond & Patty^ also I appoint my beloved wife Isabella Buckner my whole&[sole?]
Executor and that there be no appraisement nor Inventory nor no security. But all things to be
aforesaid as Witness my hand_ _ _ this 17th day of February 1767.
Signed Sealed & Delivered
in presence of __________                                      his
Phil. Burrow                                             Edward^ Buckner          {seal}
James Porch jun                                                mark
Joshua Porch_  At a Court held for Sussex County the 19th day of November 1767.
The last Will & testament of Edward Buckner decd was presented into Court by Isabelle Buck
ner the Executrix therein named who made oath therto as the law directs and the same was
proved by the oath of Phillip Burrow one of the witnesses therto & by the Court Ordered to be Re
corded And on the motion of the said Executrix certificate is granted her for obtaining a probate thereof
Exc in due form                              Teste                                  AClaiborne CSC

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November Court MDCCLXVII
And at another Court held for the said County of Sussex the 19th day of May 1768
The said last Will and Testament of Edward Buckner decsd was further proved by the oaths of
James and Joshua Porch two of the witnesses thereto. Teste AClaiborne CSC