US 1880 Census 1% Sample Index of Buckners/Buchners

This is just a 1% sample of the 1880 census, so obviously there's only a 1% chance of any particular individual of that time being listed.

Counting states, we find the surprising fact that (not counting Buchners) 41% were from KY whereas VA, TN, and NC, which have some of the highest proportions today, have few or none (see the modern distribution). By state:

1964432 222246
41%13%9%9%7%4% 4%4%4%4%99%

Note however that this is a pitifully small sample, so the accuracy of these figures isn't all that great. (The percentages don't sum to 100% due to rounding.)

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BUCHNER          ALBERT B         OH/0550/0076/075991
BUCHNER          ELVA F           OH/0550/0076/075991
BUCHNER          JOHN C           OH/0550/0076/075991
BUCHNER          MARIA P          OH/0550/0076/075991

BUCKNER          ? MASSENA        KY/1110/0149/031096
BUCKNER          A??IE            AL/0510/0072/000883
BUCKNER          ANDY             MO/0930/0055/051080
BUCKNER          ANNIE            NY/0610/0408/065621
BUCKNER          ARTEMUS J        OH/0250/0053/074551
BUCKNER          BEN              MS/0970/0143/048771
BUCKNER          BENJAMAN         AL/0510/0072/000883
BUCKNER          BENTON           KY/1110/0149/031096
BUCKNER          BETSY            KY/1110/0131/031002
BUCKNER          BETTY            KY/0990/0079/030633
BUCKNER          CASEY            KY/1110/0149/031096
BUCKNER          CATHARINE        KY/1110/0149/031096
BUCKNER          CRECY            FL/0830/0160/010272
BUCKNER          DAN              MS/0970/0143/048771
BUCKNER          DARIA A          KY/0990/0079/030633
BUCKNER          FANNIE           NY/0610/0408/065621
BUCKNER          GABRIEL          MO/1270/0019/051862
BUCKNER          GEORGY           MS/0970/0143/048771
BUCKNER          HARRISON         AL/0510/0072/000883
BUCKNER          HENRY            MA/0050/0077/038322
BUCKNER          JANE             MA/0170/0430/039927
BUCKNER          JOEL M           KY/0990/0079/030633
BUCKNER          JOEL T           KY/0990/0079/030633
BUCKNER          JOHN             MO/1270/0020/051865
BUCKNER          JULIA            KY/1110/0149/031096
BUCKNER          L                AR/0150/0025/002938
BUCKNER          MARY             KY/1110/0150/031104
BUCKNER          MARY             OH/0250/0053/074551
BUCKNER          MARY P.          VA/0870/0090/101341
BUCKNER          MICHAEL          NY/0610/0408/065621
BUCKNER          MOSE             AL/0510/0072/000883
BUCKNER          NELLIE           MS/0970/0143/048771
BUCKNER          PAYTON           AR/0930/0199/003757
BUCKNER          PETER            NY/0610/0408/065621
BUCKNER          POLLEY           AL/0510/0072/000883
BUCKNER          ROBERT           KY/1110/0149/031096
BUCKNER          ROBERT           VA/0870/0090/101341
BUCKNER          SANDY            AL/0510/0072/000883
BUCKNER          SARAH            KY/0990/0079/030633
BUCKNER          ZION             FL/0830/0160/010272

BUCKNER.         ??ALBAM          KY/2150/0180/032215
BUCKNER.         ALONZO. C        KY/2150/0180/032215
BUCKNER.         JOHN. B. M       KY/2150/0180/032215
BUCKNER.         NANCY. J.        KY/2150/0180/032215
BUCKNER.         SABRONY. C.      KY/2150/0180/032215
BUCKNER.         WILLIAN. H.      KY/2150/0180/032215