BAB Attack Mods. AC Power Attack
Weapon Die Extra Dmg. Dice Str. Dmg. Mod. Other Dmg. Mods. Monk Unarmed BAB
Crit. Multiplier Crit. Range Weapon Grasp
Two-weapon (off-hand light) (FoB/Rapid Shot)
Imp Two-Weapon
Full Attack Mean Damage Number of Attacks

Most changes are computed automatically, but to manually force the form to calculate, click .


The autooptimize options respectively select the best power attack and weapon grasp options. If Power Attack is autooptimized, the best Power Attack bonus will be computed and this will appear in the Power Attack box. If Weapon Grasp is optimized, the best option of One-Handed, Two-Handed, or Two Weapon will be selected. This assumes the most favorable Two-Weapon penalties (-2/-2) apply. If both options are selected, the two variables will be optimized simultaneously.

Rogue sneak attack or magic weapon extra damage dice are under Extra Dmg. Dice.